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A person’s well-being depends on numerous factors that go far beyond just health care. We actively involve the population, communities and local partners to ensure that all our interventions are decentralised and sustainable. Engera supports Gurage’s health care facilities in the following ways:

1. Through regular missions (doctors, nurses, midwives, medicines, protocols, training and retraining of local staff).

2. By covering the annual operating costs (personnel, medicines, medical equipment),

3. Through special projects such as improved infrastructure, a new maternity ward or a well.

Engera is committed to continuing support in line with our commitments and ensuring a sustainable model that has shown measurable results in the years we have been operating in Ethiopia.

With more substantial funding, Engera’s approach could be expanded to several other clinics in the region. This would allow for standardisation of health care, better economies of scale, and efficiencies in care and monitoring of facilities during our outreach. We can expand our work and reach a much broader population

That’s our goal.



Engera’s mission brings life-saving healthcare to the people of the Gurage zone of Ethiopia and parts of the Oromia region.  Our team of doctors and other staff work closely with community leaders and our partners on the ground – to respond in partnership to their most pressing needs.


 Our collaboration includes special projects to address urgent needs. 

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