The health and well-being of an individual depend on many factors that go well beyond the health sphere. In our projects we actively involve populations, communities and local realities to create decentralized and sustainable action.

ENGERA supports the Gurage clinics in the following ways:

1) Through regular missions (doctors, nurses, midwives, drugs, protocols, training and retraining of local staff).
2) Coverage of annual management costs (personnel, drugs, medical devices)
3) Through special projects such as investments in infrastructure, new departments or even simply a water well

ENGERA wants to continue to provide support in line with its commitments, ensuring sustainable and reliable support for a model that has shown great results in recent years.

With broader funding, the ENGERA approach could be extended to several other clinics in the region, providing standardization of health coverage, creating economies of scale and efficiencies in providing and supervising facilities during our missions. It would make it possible to expand coverage and impact a much larger population. This is our ambition.




Engera's mission brings health care by saving lives to the people of Ethiopia's Gurage zone and part of the Oromia region. Our medical team along with the rest of the staff and our partners work closely with community leaders to collaboratively respond to their most pressing needs.

 Our collaboration includes special projects to address urgent needs. .