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Our Partners

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Ethiopian Catholic Church

Since our foundation, Engera has worked in partnership with the Ethiopian Catholic Eparchy of Emdibir.

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In an area characterized by diversity of faith, the Ethiopian Catholic Church is an institution that is trusted. This trust is crucial to building relationships with the community. Our collaboration is further strengthened by the central role of the Catholic sisters in the management of each health center we support. Their involvement ensures a nuanced understanding of local needs and effective community engagement. We also work closely with health and education officers from the church to implement projects. 

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Attat Primary Hospital

Attat Hospital, founded in 1969 and now under the direction of Sister Dr. Rita Schiffer, a renowned gynaecologist, plays a key role in Gurage as a referral hospital for several of our health facilities.

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In August 2023, Engera began a collaboration with Attat Hospital. Every three months, two doctors from Florence bring their specialized skills to the hospital, promoting a valuable exchange of knowledge. The project, supported by Centro Salute Globale and the University of Florence, aims to improve healthcare in the local community. The participants from Italy have already shared insights into the treatment of serious diseases with limited resources, demonstrating the profound learning opportunities this partnership offers. We look forward to continuing this partnership for the foreseeable future.

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