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Advancing Nursing Excellence Through Professional Development

Thanks to some funding we have a new project aimed at improving the skills of nurses in our health centers, including our recently added San Marco center.

Ethiopia is facing a critical shortage of nurses, estimated at 200,000 to 300,000 by 2030. This project addresses the challenge of recruiting and retaining qualified nurses in rural areas where training opportunities are limited.

To close this gap, we are launching a one-month intensive training program for sixteen nurses from eight health centers. The training will take place at Attat Hospital, the main referral facility for the Gurage zone. The curriculum includes advanced wound care, minor surgery, maternal and child health care and infection control. The nurses will gain hands-on clinical experience under the supervision of Attat's medical staff.

One participating nurse emphasized the importance of this initiative: "The lack of regular training hinders our ability to provide quality care. We urgently need support to improve our skills."

This training program not only benefits immediate health care, but also ensures lasting improvements as the trained nurses share their knowledge with their peers. The first group of eight nurses will begin their training in July.

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