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Bringing Round-the-Clock Healthcare to Galeya Rogdha Clinic with Solar Energy

We are raising funds to provide solar panels for the Galeya Rogdha Clinic, which currently lacks connection to the grid and relies on expensive generators. This dependency severely impacts the clinic's ability to provide essential services.

Currently, power challenges restrict services to daylight hours only. After dark, expectant mothers facing complications have no choice but to attempt unsafe home deliveries. Without 24/7 emergency obstetric capabilities, the clinic is rendered practically useless when its services are needed most. This deters over 85% of women from seeking antenatal and delivery care altogether.

Solar energy offers a sustainable solution by enabling round-the-clock operation and emergency response. It would provide the clinic with the capability for continuous emergency obstetric care and diagnostics, restoring trust in the health system over time.

Your support for this initiative will make a significant difference in saving lives and ensuring mothers receive the critical care they need, day or night.

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