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Galeya Rogdha Warm Meals

The Galeya Rogdha School is located in the Oromia region. The school faces major challenges that affect the health and education of its students.

The school needs more resources to provide adequate nutrition. It only offers a biscuit and water to children who walk more than an hour to class. Poor nutrition harms students' health and their ability to learn. Many children drop out of school, especially girls.

In response to these challenges, we launched a fundraising campaign at the end of 2023 to provide 250 children with daily nutritious school meals. The campaign was a success and since February 2023, we have provided the children with daily school meals and regular health check-ups. We aim to build local partnerships that will help us sustain this project in the long term. Beyond providing meals, we plan to introduce gender clubs to promote girls' education and initiatives to procure the necessary school supplies. With this project, we aim to create a better learning environment and promote the well-being of all students in Galeya Rogdha.

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